The QUICKpress is a small, easy to use device that generates very-high pressures at high temperatures.  MECHANICS  It is used for hot isostatic pressing, thermodynamic studies, electrical studies, new materials syntheses that include the development of novel ceramics, high-Tc superconducting structures, amorphous phosphides and nitrides, and technologically important metal-hydrides, as well as many other topics in materials engineering science.  SELECTED APPLICATIONS

Very-high pressure generating insturments of the QUICKpress type are referred to as piston-cylinder devices and have been in use since 1955. Early models were massive and difficult and expensive to manufacture and operate. The design described here (first developed in 1977), underwent major modifications in 1988 to further improve the apparatus.  SPECIFICATIONS  As a consequence, ease of operation increased, while expense of production and operation decreased. At present, very little operator training is required to do high-pressure high temperature piston-cylinder experiments,  EXECUTING EXPERIMENTS  although a great deal of scientific experience and creativity may be needed to formulate experimental programs and interpret results.   CAPSULES

quickpress for hot isostatic pressing
QUICKpress Specifications Sheet

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The QUICKpress fits easily into a 48 in (120 cm) by 24 in (60 cm) by 24 in (60 cm) work area and includes the apparatus main frame, extraction frame and components, hydraulic system with pressure transducer, current transformer (heating unit), cooling- water system with flow sensor, digital pressure meter, thermocouple connection port, pressure-plate assembly with cooling jackets for a 13mm furnace assembly, piston, piston support block, and base blug support block. Operation instructions and six months of technical support are provided.

The QUICKpress non-endloaded piston cylinder apparatus allows scientists to access pressures and temperatures in the range of 0.3GPa  to  4.0GPa and 25°C to 1800°C.  Support instrumentation including temperature control, cooling water recirculation, gas loading devices, and sample capsule welding systems are available.

Tungsten-carbide pressure plates, pistons, and support blocks,  forming dies and consumable furnace assembly components, as well as precious metal supplies, are in stock and can be express shipped  anywhere in the world to insure continuity of your research program.

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