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Welding Equipment for sealing sample capsules
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Depths of the Earth Company's bench top electronic spot welder for precious metal welding is small, easy to use, and automated. The technologically sophisticated equipment features an adjustable length electrode tip with an ultra fine point for positioning small weld points very precisely. The loss of precious metal material to improper welding or melting caused by high current is essentially zero. Automatic settings for energy and impulse provide for a point of contact start and precise, reproducible welds on every single use. Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, rhenium, a variety of metal alloys, as well as stainless steel, titanium, bronze, copper and tin can be welded. Weld points are 0.7 to 2mm in diameter and because there is essentially no exothermic heat, the sample to be welded can actually be held in your hand! The equipment automatically directs a quick burst of argon gas around the tip of the electrode and onto the work surface to create an inert atmosphere at the moment of welding. Using inert gas during the welding process inhibits oxidation of the weld and results in a homogeneous and long-lasting connection. The equipment comes with a pressure-reducing valve (dual dial gauge indicators with quick connect line to tank and welder), for an Argon tank.

The welding system includes: controller with hand piece, illuminated magnifying optic unit with automatic shutter filter to darken from a DIN 3 filter to a DIN 10.5 filter and back again, 10 electrode tips, diamond disc for cleaning electrodes, pressure reducing valve (dual dial gauge indicators with quick connect line to tank and welder), for an Argon tank, welding platform, and instructions. Operates on 110 volts and either 50 or 60Hz. 20 amps.


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