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Monitor temperature, current, voltage, and pressure
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An integrated package that monitors temperature, current, voltage and pressure during operation of the QUICKpress, the temperature control unit is simple to operate and offers a wide range of safety features. A microprocessor-based interface monitors temperature and adjusts voltage output of a high-current phase-angle fired thyristor to control heating rate, cooling rate, or set-point temperature. The AC output powers either resistive or inductive loads. Instant switching between any standard thermocouple type is possible.
Part Number TC-1


Temperature control electronics are contained in a single unit 15 cm high x 46 cm wide x 31 cm deep.

Power Requirements:

Load Voltage: 0 to 220-240 VAC
Current: 20 Amps

Control signal:

Thermocouple: PT-Pt10Rh, PT-Pt13Rh, W5Re-W26Re, Chromel-Alumel, and
Types: J, E, T, L, N, B
Stability: + 2°C (Depends on the type of furnace and operating temperature)
Resolution: + 1°C

Fail-safe devices:

Automatic shut-down in the following situations: Temperature over-range, Output voltage or curent over-range, Cooling water system failure, Start-up after power outage prevented.

Temperature Control Microprocessor

  • Auto/Manual operation
  • Front panel programming
  • Single Segment programmable ramp/soak (Max rate: 100°C/minute, Min. rate: 3°C/minute)
  • Unlimited run-duration
  • Percent Output indication
  • Multiple tuning modes: Auto-tune PID, PID, or On-Off control
  • Self-diagnosis with fault indication
  • Non-volatile memory retains all process parameters, without battery backup
  • Password protection
  • °F, °C, or Engineering unit display
  • Scalable recorder output, 0 to 10 Vdc

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