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Depths of the Earth offers a variety of repair services


In a poorly understood, nonlinear way, tungsten carbide core life is inversely proportional to pressure. Core lifetime is long (>100 runs), for experiments conducted at 1 to 1.5 GPa, but short (<100 runs), at 4 GPa. In any vigorous research laboratory, where experiments are conducted at the limits of current knowledge, pressure plate cores will crack and fail to hold pressure.

Depths of the Earth Company offers repair service to replace damaged cores with new cores. To utilize the repair service, disassemble the pressure plate from the cooling jacket assembly. Send the pressure plate AND piston to Depths of the Earth Company, along with a purchase order from your company or academic institution. Repair time is 4 to 10 weeks, depending on tungsten carbide availability. It is very important that the piston be sent with the plate. Following press-in of the new core, the core ID is precision honed to fit the piston with 0.0005” clearance. A smaller clearance can cause the core to fail, while a larger clearance will not hold pressure.

Description Part No.
Replacement of tungsten-carbide core with 13 mm ID RC-1
Replacement of steel core with 19 mm ID RC-2
Replacement of tungsten-carbide core with 10 mm ID RC-3


Routine maintenance and proper operation of the equipment insures that repairs are infrequent. Should you require repair of the QUICKpress, temperature control unit, or any Depths of the Earth Company product, please contact our USA office. Warranted or defective parts will be replaced without cost


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