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Superconducting Materials

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Giant Magnetoresistance Materials

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Electroluminescent Display Materials

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Synthesis and Sintering of Ceramic Materials

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Dielectric Materials

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  • Insulating alkali glasses

Geological Processes and Materials

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Silicon Carbides/Carbide Alloy Materials

  • Sambasivan, S., Petuskey, W. T. (1992)  Phase relationn ships in the Ti Si C system at highpressures.  Journal of Material Research, Vol. 7, No. 6, p. 1473.

Titanium Nitride Materials

Self-Lubricating Metals for Aerospace Applications

Fe-Carbon Super hard Abrasives

Superoxide Ceramics  (Zn0  ZnO-Li20, Ce02)

PbMnNi0 Ceramics


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