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Fast, easy, and inexpensive to operate
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Gas Loading Device  

A device for loading gas and gas mixtures into precious metal sample capsules for use in high-pressure high-temperature instrumentation is now commercially available.

The original design of this device was conceived by Boettcher et. al (American Mineralogist, Volume 74, page 1383-1384, 1989) for their studies of the solubility of various gases (Ar, Xe, Kr, N2, C02), in silicate melts. The device uses a standard laboratory vacuum line to evacuate air from the capsule and solid sample, thereby purging airborne contaminates from the system. Through regulation of the gas flow, precise quantities of pure gas or of gas mixtures are loaded into the sample capsule. Traditionally, many gas substances were loaded as liquids or as solid compounds that volatilized or decayed at temperature to release the desired gas phase. Such methods were labor intensive, often inaccurate, and commonly introduced unwanted elements and ubiquitous water to the system. This device allows gas phases to be easily utilized in high-pressure, high-temperature experimentation.

  • Accommodates 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, and 7mm OD sample capsules. Devices for custom capsule sizes made by special order.
  • Accurately loads gas pressure up to 80 bars for 0.127mm (0.005in) capsule wall thickness and up to 100 bars for 0.2mm (0.008in) capsule wall thickness.
  • Includes gas-loading device with air and vacuum valve and vise with crimping and rubber bumper jaws.
  • User provides vacuum, gas cylinder with regulator, capsule material, and welder.
  • Fast, easy, and inexpensive to operate!

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