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The COLDpress: Ideal for cold pressing powders
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A room-temperature, powder compaction device that is ideal for cold pressing powders for crystal growth experiments, target pellets, and densified metallic oxide precusors.

  • Compact upright design conserves benchspace and is readily moved from storage to work area.
  • Pressure range to 500 psi, pressure precision of 1% full scale.
  • Ambient Temperature. Fast, simple sample loading.
  • Stainless steel Swagelock fittings and valves.
  • Flexible sample container size is a 1 cm diameter cylinder to lengths of 25 cm.
  • Water confining-medium means operation and sample recovery is safe, clean and simple.
  • Compressed air pump (standard equipment) or hand-operated pump (optional).
  • Time required for pressing is on the order of minutes.
  • Material cost per pressing (excluding sample), is less than $5.
  • Very little training is required to operate the equipment.

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